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  1. Braunston Historic Boat Show Rally: Here are a few photos of the weekend.Timothy West and Prunella Scales were there..... David Suchet too and paparazzi who took photos of everything! Two troupes of Morris group of Border Morris dancers, 'The Witchmen', were quite scary and quite ancient in a historical sense, with even a mention of the style in 1584!
    It was a wonderfully colourful and sunny weekend and it was so nice to meet our new member Dave Gardham and his wife, Rose, and to catch up with old friends we hadn't seen since last year.

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  2. Don't miss the 2017 Rally & Canal Festival at Braunston Marina this year. Weekend 24th - 25th June 2017, where we will be exhibiting in the Marquee kindly provided for the Guild.

    This is the 14th of the hugely popular working narrowboats rally - the UK's largest! Well over 80 historic boats gather and take part in parades with commentary!

    There is a real ale beer tent, exhibitors, traders & waterways artists, an open air Songs of Praise church service on Sunday, live music from bands & groups, Morris dancing, fast food, a theatrical presentation.

    We hope to see you there!

  3. 13th March - 9th April, 2016 - 'The Canal Art Exhibition' 

    With artists coming from all over the UK it is the largest Canal Art Exhibition in the country.  With the Guild of Waterway Artists giving a good show this year.  The artworks are a Traditional and Contemporary Eclectic collection of all-sorts.  To include many Original Drawings, Paintings, Linocuts, photography and much more from artists coming from all backgrounds of the art establishments.  

    audlem 2016

    There are some fine examples of canal and waterway scenes, which come to life in this exhibition.  The are representations of the historic boats, wildlife, landscapes which are just a few to mention.  The exhibition has had some good responses from the public with paintings being sold, comments coming in of their visitors, we hope you can find time to visit it.  It runs till the 9th of April, closing at 5pm on that date.


    See our facebook page 'Guild of Waterway Artists' for daily updates.  Our next Exhibition will be the 'Annual Summer Exhibition' 25th & 26th June at Braunston where you can meet the Guild of Waterway Artists, chat and share information, ask questions and find out more about us.