Penny Taylor-Beardow (Chairman)

Penny Taylor-Beardow -  Watercolour, Enamels and Oil Paintings

About Penny

Penny’s work as a graphic designer has taken her far afield, from England to India, Taiwan, Singapore, Mainland USA, Hawai’i and finally back to England. She has won many awards for her paintings, which are to be found in private collections in Japan and Hawaii and mainland America  as well as here in the UK.

 Penny is a signature and life member of the Hawai’i Watercolour Society. She has been interviewed for Discovery Channel and her paintings have been featured in episodes of ‘Hawai’i 5 ‘O’.

After years working abroad, travel, these days, is happily at a more leisurely pace. Settled in England for the last twelve years, home is now a pair of narrowboats on the Coventry canal in the middle of the  peaceful and idyllic English countryside where she  lives with her husband, a boat fitter, decorating traditional canal ware and concentrating on painting fine art inspired by the scenery that surrounds her. She paints in both oils, watercolour and enamels, using her own photographs as reference or simply painting scenes seen directly from the boat or en plein air.

 Braunston Stall

Penny Taylor-Beardow


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