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Trip to the Shackerstone Festival by Sylvia

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Just got back from a long awaited holiday on Laura. We went to Shackerstone's Family weekend celebrations which took in The Battlefield Line train where we went in to the old Victorian cafe on the platform and had a lovely tea with cake.

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holiday laura 2012 & shackerston 231 
It was a great weekend The celebrations were held in a vast field which had attractions of old vintage cars motorbikes and curious machines sort of like go carts but based on old lawn mowers, absoluteley wonderful especially when they raced them round the circut with some real characters at the helm. 

There were real Chariots of Fire, horse drawn chariots taking them between burning obstacles. There were rides for the kids with a large fairground and donkeys, and birds of prey being put through their paces (captive bred). One of the attractions was old log cabins with people dressed as American pioneers with their open fires billy cans furs and rifles. I think they were the Lincoln County Reulators Wild West Show and had a shoot out at the OK CANAL .

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The Adrenaline Tour with speed motorised stunt action on two and four wheels. The army was there with enthusiasts showing past vehicles which George was very interested in (and driven). I loved the motor bikes especially as my father had a Norton, and a BSA. Also there was Bob Hoggs duck herding and sheep racing, and Dingle Fingle & the clown town crimewatch. 

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We travelled with another couple, who usually go to these things with us on on our Brummagem Tug "Laura"and they on their Tug "Storm". Janul is a minstrel and  a story teller. There were a good range of stalls however only one had anything boatie, shackles nuts and bolts and a bit of old stuff. There were lots of food vendors, and The Ashby Canal Association had a stall. A bit of Canalware a couple of antique  tents, plant stall, sweets,  jewelry and a  craft tent of course . A lot of Historic Narrowboats were there, all the old crowd but not Kildare and President.
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It was a Loveley atmosphere and the weather was kind. It attaracted a huge crowd and was a good show.They even had a fly past of wartime planes for the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight which was a thrill. A Beer festival, Natural Horsemanship Demonstration and Clinic, Steel Bands and a Battle of Marching Bands and miniature train rides. Superb traction engines lovingly restored and working. I think people came from a long way for the show and most enjoyed it immensley, a good weekend not to be missed next year.

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